Optimize your process by leveraging our expert services

Audit & Consulting

Network architecture review
Telephone system RFP preparation
Service Provider MSA (contract) review
Line and trunk cleanup recommendations
Audio/video/web conferencing analysis
Toll free and calling card inventory
Wireless usage, PDA, cell phone audit, inventory and cleanup
Service provider line and trunk inventory - all locations
Comprehensive analysis presentation
Technology recommendations to reduce cost and create efficiencies
Recommend and negotiate new contract fees and rates for Internet, WAN, Cellular, Conferencing, local and long distance

Telecom Expense Management (TEM)

We can assess and document your telecom usage and expenses, work directly with service providers, and provide comprehensive reports and recommendations. We can even assume ongoing monthly telecom billing management responsibility for your entire communications environment. We perform the services and functions associated with a best-in-class telecom department, delivering maximum value at the lowest possible cost.


Place orders for all cellular accounts services on behalf of your company. Maintain a record of all requests placed through the customer web portal and/or e-mail notification.

Tracking and Support

Report trouble ticket status back within acceptable timeframes for repair. For end-user services, supply training and support for commonly asked questions.


Contract Tracking

Supply you with a database of all outstanding contracts and notify you approximately 4-6 months prior to the termination of a contract.

Policy and Procedure

Documents will be created for your company to ease the future management of the procurement of telecom services. These best practices documents may then be customized to meet IT and finance specific needs.


Invoice Tracking

Produce monthly dedicated headcount for the purpose of inputting and tracking all line-by-line expenses related to expenditures. Work with your AP department to facilitate the automation of invoice payment by department.

Rate Plan Analysis

On a monthly basis provide a rate plan analysis of all usage-based services the Client subscribes to. Make recommendations based on past usage patterns to help decrease expenditures.

Asset Control

Maintain a database of all assets associated with an employee ID or employee/contractor name. Control the equipment for returned cell phones and pagers (if warranted by the Client) and deploy them when a new order is place for cellular or paging service.

Bid Development

After the initial notification we will prepare a suitable bid document to send to carriers for new pricing and contracts. Help to negotiate the best contract terms and conditions possible for like sized clients. Work directly with your legal team to advise carrier of requested language.



On a monthly basis you will receive reports detailing the telecom/datacom expenditures in the following detail:

  • Actual by vendor and service type
  • Actual by department
  • Exception (cell phones, pagers, audio conf, remote access, calling card)
  • Accrual for services not invoiced
  • Terminated employees
  • Inventory
  • Open issues log